Viewfinder Friends – idea for Facebook application

Use case Photos are inherently-social event markers. We take pictures to remember an occasion and - often - people who were present with us at that point. While most of the photographs are not looked at more than once or twice, the more popular ones become very important in our history. The same does not happen to other people on our photograph, despite our best efforts to share. Emailing photos is cumbersome and subscribing to Flickr streams requires all people to look at all photos just in case they are in it.

Chumby: Digital picture frame for parents and much more

I want to get my parents a digital picture frame. But at the moment I cannot. That’s because I don’t want my somewhat less-technical parents to have to fiddle with memory cards, choosing and transferring photographs or running Vista. My ideal digital picture frame for them would be one sitting in a living room or a bedroom with new photos to delight my parents every so often. Such a device would have to be:

“Your local friend” – business idea for travellers

Use case Many people come to the foreign countries and feel lost/confused traveling around and/or getting services. If possible, they like to go places with a local friend who will point out the best features, explain how things work and/or translate the requests into the local language. This is a service for those who do not have such a friend. Basic business flow A service kiosk in the airport (visitor’s center) would hire out he mobile phones with GPS/Camera built-in.

Easy ways to sign out from Amazon, eBay, others

Ed Foster has discovered that it is very difficult to sign out from big companies’ websites. Yes, it is true when staying within the website’s rules. But it is dead easy otherwise. The important thing to remember is that your identity is most of the times stored in the browser cookies. So, if you kill cookies, the session will go away and your identity will go away. The easiest (but most destructive way) is to delete all cookies.

Not so progressive JavaScript enhancement

As part of The Rich Web Experience, Fairmont hotel - where the conference is held - offers free WiFi. You have to enter username/password on the first post-connect page and then it unlocks browsing capabilities. I love WiFi. I have an HP PocketPC that has WiFi built in. I was fully prepared to read my mail, do research and upload photos. Alas, that was not to be! The WiFi protection form that collects the username and password uses javascript to submit the form with the submit button being an image with onClick handler.