Knowledge Management

Prince2 embedding – by stealth

I am studying for Prince2 foundation exam and it is very obvious that Prince2 is expected to be introduced from the top down. The embedding - which means introducing Prince2 into an organization - talks about securing executive commitment, building high level strategies and other nonsensehigh-commitment steps. And the corresponding templates are all overwrought, with actual content appearing somewhere towards page 3 or 4 only. My view on project management is quite different.

Gamification: new term, old idea, still useful

Gamification can be roughly explained as applying game mechanics to the real-world scenarios in order to entice people towards particular goals. This subject (new field?) has been getting a lot of attention lately. It has not hit popular press quite yet, but seems to be gathering steam fast. Companies such as Foursquare use the concepts from gamification approach quite well. What is interesting to me is that once one looks at the world through the lenses of gamification, it is easy to notice the core concepts being discussed in seemingly unrelated literature that predates the term.