Not so progressive JavaScript enhancement

As part of The Rich Web Experience, Fairmont hotel - where the conference is held - offers free WiFi. You have to enter username/password on the first post-connect page and then it unlocks browsing capabilities.

I love WiFi. I have an HP PocketPC that has WiFi built in. I was fully prepared to read my mail, do research and upload photos. Alas, that was not to be!

The WiFi protection form that collects the username and password uses javascript to submit the form with the submit button being an image with onClick handler. My PocketPC does not do JavaScript, or at least JavaScript they used. Therefore, I was not able to get past the login screen and actually use the WiFi.

I find this extremely ironic given that half of the talks at the conference is about Progressive Enhancement, Hajax and other ways to insure that the base functionality works even with JavaScript disabled. In my eyes, ability to submit a two-field form is pretty base.