International Mother Language Day

Сегодня - Международный день родного языка. Мой родной язык - Русский! Я горд моим родным языком даже если я не использую его каждый день. Today - 21st of February - is the International Mother Language Day. My mother language is Russian! I am proud of my mother language, even if I do not get to use it every day. Apart from Russian, I know reasonably good English and have dabbled in French, Esperanto and - now - Spanish.

On translated poetry and the power of internet

I am not into poetry. This could be easily explained by the fact that we had to learn by heart very long, very boring poems about hapless peasants in the Russian literature class. But there was one short piece of poetry that I really liked. It was a translation by Marshak, who was often said to produce a better translation than the original was. I did not remember who it was translated from, just the poem itself: