Virtual World

Synthravels: Let us show you the (virtual) world

Synthravels (via Springwise) is a barely nascent company that offers a travel guide experience in virtual world. You pick which virtual world you want to go to and what kind of things you want to see and they will find you a guide. Last time I visited the Second Life newbie ground, there was a number of people saying so, what do I actually do here, even though there were Welcome cards right in front of their avatars.

In the virtual world arena Coca-Cola won the first battle

Exactly a month ago, I went to a Exactly a month ago, I went to a for my alma mater in New York. At it, there was a presentation by Ms Melanie Hardman, who is an Innovation Director for PepsiCo. After the presentation I taked briefly to Melanie and asked whether PepsiCo looked at advertising or sponsoring events in virtual worlds such as Second Life. I explained how the presence in SL worked really well for American Cancer Society and how the prime mover advantage was still available in that space.

Umlauts can crash and burn your (virtual) world

A pretty funny story from the game Second Life illustrating what happens when the USA-based virtual world developers only think they know the issues of internationalization (i18n for the geeks in you). Next time I am logged-in, I will try typing in Russian and see whether that will do the trick as well. I wonder what the good phrase will be? Maybe ‘Проверка боем…..’

Robert Burns’ night in a virtual world.

There are many ways to celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday, but doing it in a virtual world is certainly one of the odder ones. Even if you don’t know what SecondLife is, the pictures are worth looking at. For myself, I danced the whole evening at New York’s RSCDS branch. Alex.