Injecting BidiChecker to test Arabic web pages

Google has just announced the release of BidiChecker - an open source tool to automatically test Arabic web pages for issues related to bidirectional support. This is a great news, as bidirectional support is always a huge problem and requires both deep Arabic language understanding and deep technical HTML/CSS understanding, preferably at the same time. Any level of automation would be useful. However, all the tool usage descriptions are geared towards using it with automated JavaScript testing library.

jQuery: Cycling between multiple classes with random start

I saw an interesting question on StackOverflow on how to cycle between 3 states for list items , but with initial state for each item being potentially different. This random start position part of the problem was making me think, so I used it as an exercise to try some newish jQueryfunctions, such as delegate and advanced class selectors. My solution was basically to build a reduced case of state transition diagram with a cycle.

jQuery for multilingual web development

I have (nearly) finished developing a mini-website in 6 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish). The layout was the same, so ideally it would have been driven by a content management system. Not in this case unfortunately, as I was not given enough time to setup the infrastructure. As I know nearly nothing of at least two of the languages above (Arabic and Chinese), I had to keep rechecking the content provided to ensure the right text ends up in the right place on a page.