Weird Stuff

Conversation with Bluehost

This blog - as of this writing - is on Bluehost. Which I do NOT recommend. Things fail periodically and tier one tech-support is not helpful in either identifying causes or deciding what to do about them. But today it took the cake - the whole server disappeared with 404 - empty web root. And not just for my account - my whole box. And not just my own box, but for multiple people frantically pinging Bluehost support with questions (including myself).

Hello (again) Virgin Mobile. Good bye Virgin Mobile?

After nearly a week of wasting my time with Virgin Mobile Canada, I am giving it my best last try using hard-learned customer support skills: ….Follow up to the phone call on Thursday and lack of returned call. I am unable to activate my new HTC Wildfire S phone on a pre-paid plan. I enter SIM card and IMEA number, confirm the phone model and the next screen says “Oh no”.

Arabic numerals’ non-WYSIWYG

Image via <a href="">Wikipedia</a> For my other project, I needed to process some Arabic text that was in HTML file derived from MSWord document. Everything was going reasonably well, except my regular expressions were not picking section name/numbers sequences in all of the cases, which was causing a problem with the 6-language alignment algorithm. Normally, I just examine the text visually, determine a new regular expression pattern and that particular problem is solved.

Weird Wired Magazine (or maybe just stupid)

I really do not get Wired Magazine’s subscription policy. They are supposed to target smart geeks, yet make really stupid moves. I used to be a subscriber. But I got annoyed by a large number of ads, deliberate and unnecessary foul language and subscription inserts advertising $8 new subscriptions. So, I did not renew early. Renewal notices starting arriving and that’s where things got weird. The first renewal notice was for $12, not $8 as I was expecting.

Cooking sour grapes

No, I am not complaining about food. I love food. And I love it different and - sometimes even - adventurous. Which is where Sour Grapes come in. We have been walking around the neighborhood and have discovered Middle Eastern shop with some unusual but recognizable foods and some not-quite-recognizable ones. Our strategy with the later is usually to buy it and then google for its name/recipe. Usually it works quite well.