Kentico CMS

Oops: there goes the blog in 2012

I knew I was neglecting my blog in 2012, but I did not realize just how much until I received WordPress’ year in review for 2012 (Feel free to take a peek at it). The line that stopped me dead was “In 2012, there was 1 new post”. Sure enough - one post it was.

Well, this blog might be comatose, but I am not dead. In fact, quite the opposite, so busy that there is very little time for crafting articles.

Kentico content analysis – using LINQ and site export

I have recently started working with Kentico Content Management System(version 6). As they advertise, it supports unlimited website possibilities. Which means, that it is most definitely not an Apple-style interface and it has a lot of options and multiple ways to edit something like a page template. As a result, it is sometimes hard to understand the site organization and one has to click on a lot of dialogs to figure the relationships out.