Injecting BidiChecker to test Arabic web pages

Google has just announced the release of BidiChecker - an open source tool to automatically test Arabic web pages for issues related to bidirectional support. This is a great news, as bidirectional support is always a huge problem and requires both deep Arabic language understanding and deep technical HTML/CSS understanding, preferably at the same time. Any level of automation would be useful. However, all the tool usage descriptions are geared towards using it with automated JavaScript testing library.

DOJO 1.0: Highlighting alternative table rows

DOJO has hit 1.0 and changed a lot of things. So the documentation is still all over the place with examples using old syntax. I am migrating to DOJO from jQuery, so just wanted to get basic dojo.query functionality to work. Specifically, I wanted to highlight alternative table rows. Not easy! At least for a newbie. I had to piece together 3 different documents and examples to figure out the easiest syntax.