“Your local friend” – business idea for travellers

Use case Many people come to the foreign countries and feel lost/confused traveling around and/or getting services. If possible, they like to go places with a local friend who will point out the best features, explain how things work and/or translate the requests into the local language. This is a service for those who do not have such a friend. Basic business flow A service kiosk in the airport (visitor’s center) would hire out he mobile phones with GPS/Camera built-in.

My phone company wants to be a friend

My VOIP phone company (Lingo) has just announced that they are now on MySpace. I have heard of car companies doing that, but it feels rather weird when a utility company wants to do the same. I can see two reasons they could be doing that: They are not doing too well and are getting desperate. They used to offer $25 as a referral fee and remind of it every 6 months or so.

Gmail + VOIP = great reference system in the Net cloud

My primary phone number is provided by Lingo - a Voice over internet provider. One of the features it has is server based voicemail with the message automatically forwarded to my email. A feature like this would (AFAIK) be very expensive from a traditional provider, but usually comes for free from most VOIP-based providers. Some providers (like PhoneGnome) even bridge your old-system line to the new functionality automagically. My primary email system is Gmail and that’s where my voicemails get forwarded to.

Love calls over the IP network

I usually suck at Velentine’s day presents. This year, however, I may have just killed several birds with one stone and impressed my wife too. It all started a couple of months ago, when I noticed ever more frequent mentions of internet telephony becoming a very big thing. I have dutifully subscribe to a couple of blogs, had a quick read of leading websites and left it to stew in the background.