CiteULike Exhibit visualization

Homegrown visualization is not the only way to quickly navigate CiteULike references. There are other tools that display bibliographies in interesting ways. One of such tools is Exhibit, one of graduates from SIMILE project. It allows to do a very interactive webpage driven by just HTML+Javascript, with no server-side component required. I really like SIMILE’s tools, even though it feels like development slowed somewhat recently. There is an example of how to import and display bibtext within Exhibit.

Visualizing CiteULike collections

I am collecting my reading and reference material in CiteULike. I like the service because it can capture details from multiple sources. It also allows to discover what was collected by other interesting people through tags, people and bookmarks graph navigation. Nice as CiteULike is, it is fairly difficult to get an overall picture of one’s own collection. It is especially difficult to see quickly if there are people who serve as hubs by collaborating with multiple different groups.