Robert Burns’ night in a virtual world.

There are many ways to celebrate Robert Burns’ birthday, but doing it in a virtual world is certainly one of the odder ones. Even if you don’t know what SecondLife is, the pictures are worth looking at. For myself, I danced the whole evening at New York’s RSCDS branch. Alex.

Why Scottish Country Dancing appeals to the programmers

Are you a programmer, mathematician or like. Tried Scottish Country Dancing yet? The rumour has it, that SCD (as taught by RSCDS) has more than its normal share of people who like structural thinking. When I started dancing (with some probing from my wife), I could not see how it would be true. I did feel that West Coast Swing - which was my favourite style before SCD - was more structured that various other Swing and latin styles, but I did not think it would be something statistically significant.