Two thumbs up for’s new classical section has just added classical music to their already huge collection. It made my day.

I like classical music, but never took enough time to actually figure out my exact preferences or composers. I just recognise familiar or mood pieces when they are played and enjoy them.

So now I can put the name of the piece I do remember into Pandora and let it find that or other items with the same feel. I have  already rediscovered and found out names for some of my semi-forgotten favourites. And with bookmarks only two clicks away, I actually have a chance to slowly identify all those pieces. That has a value all of its own beyond just Pandora.

This may not be for the people who enjoy snobby experts on the radio playing something so obscure that it requires 20 minutes explanation of why exactly it is good. Pandora’s interface is still a little bit too-pop oriented with no composer information on the name card.

But for me, it is manna from heaven.