Subscribing to this blog

Are you a regular yet not subscribed reader of this blog? Would you like to subscribe, but haven’t figured out how? I apologise.

I have received an email asking how to subscribe to my blog via email. That made me think about subscribers in general and that maybe some of you may be stuck reading this (not-really-periodic) blog the hard way. If you do, maybe this post will help you (and me) to solve this problem.

If you are familiar with using RSS (or ATOM), then things are easy. When using Firefox, there is an orange and white icon in the title bar that you can click on and choose to subscribe to this feed. If you are reading this in Internet Explorer, the orange button on the left here links to my feed URL, which you can subscribe to using software you are already using. If you are not using anything yet, have a look at Google Reader, that’s the one I prefer at the moment.

If you don’t use RSS and prefer to get my articles via email, there are couple of free services for that as well. I haven’t used any of them, but I know of FeedBlitz, RssFwd and Rmail. If anybody used them before, I would love to know.

Going forward, I will need to make the subscription options more obvious. Any advice on your (reader’s) preferences would be appreciated. As would be any advice on whether this blog layout in general is good or bad for you. Or any other issue with this blog (except for its frequency) that you would like to comment on.

The comments can be done under this post or directly to me at alex (at) this domain name.