Geeky talks about ‘Getting Things Done’

Getting Things Done (GTD) is an interesting system for managing one’s time and making things happen. It was originally pitched at CEO, with a lot of different projects on their plates at the same time. Lately, however, I have noticed a significant uptake of it by system administrators, programmers and other IT geeks.

Being a geek myself, I think it is because we also have to juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Some people I know could probably beat most CEOs by number of projects they are involved in.

I have not implemented GTD fully yet, but keep taking small steps towards it. The benefits exist in any level of implementation though - apparently - they are exponentially higher with a full implementation. But while I am perfecting my process, I am on the lookout for good material on GTD that will help me get there faster and (being honest) will motivate me by example.

Couple of resources I found interesting are:

  • A long talk between Merlin Mann of 43 folders and David Allen (author of the book and the system) about GTD
  • A short video presentation of one person’s implementation of GTD within Outlook from Ignite Seattle conference
  • GTDInbox - a freeware Firefox extension for Gmail to implement GTD on top of Gmail interface . I use this one, since I spend most of my time near always-on Internet connection and most of my action items flow through email anyway.