Updates to my Java troubleshooting presentation on InfoQ

InfoQ has put online my presentation on maintaining java applications in production environment.

Some of the tools mentioned in the presentations changed ownership since, but the basics are still very valid.

Most notable changes:

  • Sysinternals (FileMon, ProcessMon, etc) is now owned by Microsoft. I have mixed feelings about that one, but the tools are still the best on the market (and free).
  • Ethereal is now Wireshark. The change is due to some people/company conflict, so Ethereal is now a dead name/site. Wireshark, on the other hand, is getting better and better. This is exactly the situation where forking open-source project is a good alternative.

There are also new tools, that just did not exist at the time of writing. The best one is Firebug plugin for Firefox. It just rocks.