Is RSS team pushing people to ATOM?

Netscape has decided to remove RSS DTD, but - under brunt of developers’ fury and logic - brought it back. But until July 1st only!

Given that back in 1999 Netscape, insisted that RSS documents must be validated, this feels more than a little annoying. And given that - as a developer of web content - I cannot control which client my users will use to read my feeds, I don’t have too many options. I cannot wait until July to find out whether every RSS reader will start caching the DTD or whether Netscape/AOL will relent and promise to keep the file as long as they own the domain (I might forgive them if AOL dies…).

In practical term, it means a switch to ATOM as a syndication format for all my feeds. I was planning to look into it anyway, but now Netscape/AOL is forcing me to. The main delay was in switching users over from RSS to ATOM, but maybe I can do it by only advertising ATOM feed to the new users and adding ‘deprecated’ message to the RSS feed items.