All are now one

I used to run a blog for my professional (Java) interests. Then, I wanted to write about other things such as language learning and dancing. As the old blog was being syndicated for its professional content, I created a new blog on a different server. Both blogs were on free servers: Blogger and WordPress correspondingly.

Eventually, I have outgrown both services as I wanted to control the layout more and also bring the professional and non-professional aspects of my life together. As a new year resolution, I decided to ‘splash out’ for a new name, new hosted server and new - more integrated - view of my interests.

This blog is it. I have migrated old content into it from both previous blogs, though unfortunately not without some loss. Not all comment have made it through and, of course, some self-referential links point to the wrong places. This may get eventually fixed.

And if you thought my interests were eclectic before, they are liable to get even more so now. Buckle in for a ride.