Of Cabbages, Kings and e-books

I have 100+ blog and search feeds that I keep track of in my online world. A couple of them are general techie feeds that many other people subscribe to as well. Most, however, are very specialised in topic and theme they discuss. I guess I am one of those people that helps to wag the long tail of online distribution model.

Among those feeds, TeleRead is a blog that I rate very highly. It talks about E-Books, software and devices that allow to read those e-books and issues that will affect us all negatively, if we don’t pay attention to them now.

As a voracious reader, I find that e-books are easier to carry around, easier to keep and even, in some way, easier to acquire (at least russian fiction is). And because a large book and a small book make no weight difference inside an e-book reader, I have also discovered some new interesting authors that I would have never read otherwise due to the unwieldiness of their output.

So, it was my pleasure to actually be quoted in TeleRead’s recent blog entry. And not just quoted in passing, but also invited to contribute to their stories on the ongoing basis. I have, of course, agreed.

I think the future for e-books is bright. And I hope that by combining my message with the messages of others writing about the same topic, the long tail of e-book readers and creators will wag that much stronger.