Is Esperanto converting people to vegetarianism

Many people say that they become vegetarians because they can not keep thinking that the meat they were eating came from a real animal - cow or sheep.

The rest of us can handle this problem by not thinking about the connection in too many details. Fortunately English, Russian and probably other languages help us by disassociating the name of the animal with the name of the meat that comes from it.

Esperanto does no such thing. Due to its suffix system, any animal meat has to use the suffix -aĵ. Worse yet, the meat that comes from the baby animal (like calf - a baby cow) has to also have suffix -id. Makes it easy to remember the words, but much harder to see the connection.

Let’s see this in the table for one animal:

English Russian Esperanto
Cow Корова Bovo
Beef Говядина Bov-aĵ-o
Veal Телятина Bov-id-aĵ-o

Makes it a bit harder to swallow, doesn’t it?