Esperanto is … a bit of everything

Nice short video about things one could do after (and during) learning Esperanto (via Amuzulo). No surprise to anyone - except Esperanto-bashers - that one can do pretty much anything - travel, read books, make friends, play games, participate in congresses with thousands of people, etc). Any new language is a cross-cutting experience, Esperanto is not an exception.

The video finishes with a pointer to , an Esperanto learning website that I strongly recommend myself. I am currently using it as my primary learning method.

In fact, Lernu! is a better website from language-learning point of view than I have seen for other languages (e.g., French). Part of that is because many of the Esperanto resources are free (dictionaries, reading materials, etc), while resources for other languages are commercialised to the point that one site cannot even afford to integrate them together. And I am not even talking about distributed volunteer mentors that are happy to help in whatever is your first language.