I am now on JavaOne’s EventConnect tool

I am presenting at JavaOne again this year, My session is TS-1669 entitled “ Unhappily ever after: support, maintenance and troubleshooting of Java applications in production environments “

It covers more topics than the one I did in 2004. It also seems to have been marked as more interesting by Sun. Last time I remember having about 300 people in the room. This time, the earmarked room is for 700 people. I will believe it when I see it. I think they might change it once they had a chance to compare all the presentations.

In any case, I will be happy to push the message out to however many people will show up. But if I catch the interest of any techie managers having to provide technical support for Java applications in the field, I will be very happy. I think there is not enough thought put into making technical aspects of support easy. There are some low-hanging fruits out there for the taking with the results better for both support and developer side of the problem solving proces.

If anybody is coming to JavaOne, I am now on the Event Connect tool and will welcome the introduction/meet requests.

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