About Esperanto without nonsense

I am an idealist inside. But I keep that well hidden. 🙂 So, when I look at something that needs to be done, I search for the low hanging fruit. Grand ambitions are fine, but if they are not backed up by the near term useful solutions, everything will stagnate and die.

With Esperanto, the core idea is so great and compelling that many people seem to have difficulties to turn their eyes to identifying more immediate opportunities. This seem to be slowly changing in the last several years with absolutely amazing projects such as lernu.net and RadioArkivo.

Still, it was great to find a free online book(Esperanto: A Language for the Global Village by Sylvan Zaft) that adds in a lot of rational reasoning into the heady original concepts. The Cost-Benefit chapter is particularly interesting, but others are just as good.

I guess on the scale of Esperantists, I would be more close (but not fully aligned) with the Raumists.

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