Why I prefer Andrew C. Oliver to write ‘drab’ articles

Andrew is confused why his ‘drab’ article on speeding up JBoss is much more popular than his repost of a deep voodoo article asking other people to implement someting that he finds interesting. I wonder!

I have linked to the speeding up article when I saw it, because it was something useful either immediately or later if I do have strange slow-downs/memory issues to troubleshoot. It (as I mentioned originally) was also useful beyond JBoss and I knew that because I had to explain the same issues to the customers using Weblogic.

His other article seems to requite much more thought and a deeper involvement. Maybe one day I will have free time and skills to understand that article as I am sure it deserves to be. But probably not soon.

P.s. I am not vain enough to think that my opinion really deserves a full blog entry (and I saw the article from JavaBlogs’ pupular list anyway); it is just that he doesn’t have the comments enabled…..

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