Link: To blog or not to blog, is there a danger?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an article which argues that a blog is often a bad thing to put on your resume or even to have within a google reach of your name. As a proof, they show a lot of negative things they found out about interview-ready people whose lives turn out to be more complicated than expected.

Perhaps when the person in question is an education professor with plenty of publishing opportunities and the blogs are only for personal aspect of their life, they should not have it listed (or searchable by their name).

On the other hand, for technical people a blog is often the best way to show what we know, what we care about, the problems we solved that might be useful for other geeks to know. And we have enough strange people in our midst with or without blogs that even some technical bile does not change our opinions of people.

At the same time, the article has some strong points about political views, etc. Putting them into the name-identifiable blog is like tattooing your affiliation on a forehead, bound to cause issues. One’s choice of course, but a much bigger choice than people seems to realise.

I have my political views, but they are not in the blog. Nor are my food preferences or pet love/hates. On the other hand, if somebody decides to judge my English from the blog, I might be in trouble….. 🙂

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