Do you mind closing that support case?

Andrew Wulf writes - with feeling - about the clueless operations group in his company and how they manage to damage anything they touch.

Great reading, but I have to take an exception with the following passage:

As usual they initially blamed the programmers, then blamed the Java VM, BEA Weblogic, and the LDAP classes from Sun. They even called BEA to open a ticket on why Java could delete people from LDAP even though no delete function was even being called. I bet the yucks on that one hasn’t stopped yet.

So, you know it is not BEA’s fault, and yet you allow the support case to drag on. I had my share of the prove the ldap code does not do that cases and they are painfull.

Would you be so kind as to make sure BEA knows that the case had been resolved. You don’t even have to say that it was your fault. They would really appreciate it. Please!

BlogicBlogger Over and Out

(Feb 2007 Update: The link is dead and his new blog does not have that article in the archive)