Visualizing Weblogic’s config.xml

config.xml is a central piece of Weblogic’s configuration. And for the problems spanning multiple configuration elements, it is often easier to look at the whole configuration file at once.

However easier does not mean easy. Reading and searching through XML files is hard, especially when element/attribute meanings need to be looked up.

To make it easier, Eugene Kuleshov has come up with a XSLT transformation that will lay out a config.xml in a nice HTML format and will also provide reference document link within one click.

The next step would be to allow elements to cross reference each other, as there is a lot of internal cross linking within config.xml. This would of course depend on meta-information about linking patterns which is different between different versions of Weblogic.

The transformation as provided should work for Weblogic 6.1 through 8.1. Diablo/WLS9, as far as I know, has a different format of config.xml.

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