Podcast: Fight, Fight: Doctorow vs. Scoble on AutoLink

You don’t normally get to hear the near-famous people fighting. Usually, they have their responses polished or they agree to disagree. Not so in this recent podcast on Google’s AutoLink from the ITConversations.

In this one, both Robert Scobble and Cory Doctorow lose their cool and start really throwing words around without listening to each other. Which is a pity, because it would have been nice to see them actually give in a point or two to the other side.

It would be interesting to see what the Great AutoLink FlameWar will end up with, though I have to say I am on Cory’s side. I have just started using GreaseMonkey for the Firefox and think it is Good.

Either way, I strongly recommend the podcast for all its noise to signal ratio.

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