On Bloggercon III Overload session

It was very interesting listening to the Overload session recording from ITConversations.

Unfortunately, there are no transcripts of the recording available. Having to listen to the record second time just to pick up points worth of commenting on is somewhat annoying.

One thing however I do want to say. Robert Scoble was the moderator, due to his 1000-blogs-a-day reading routine. Unfortunately, he did not contribute enough of his own methods to provide the enlightment. If anything, it was the opposite. He does not like categories, he does not spend much time thinking what goes into linkblog, nor did he seem to care for metadata.

However, I am sure he does have some techniques that would be very valuable to know.

So Robert, if you are reading this, how difficult would it be for you to video yourself while you are doing the scanning and reading process. The way your eyes move, the pauses, the hands will surely tell us what is hard to describe in words. And if we could see what the screen actually shows at the same time (in a side by side view with a camera), it would be yet better (more than twice as good actually).

Perhaps one of the HCI labs equipment could do something like this.

I enjoy your videos of other people. I would enjoy one of you doing what we can only hope one day to achieve.

BlogicBlogger Over and Out