Podcasting loop: evolution continues

Sometimes the only good outcome of a post is to provoke somebody else to do one better. Seemed that I had caused exactly that.

About a week ago, I wrote about extending podcasting loop using Windows Scripting Host and IPod’s COM interface. In a comment, Scyro had written about disliking my approach and explained how to achieve the same effect using the smart playlists instead.

I have read his article and actually like his approach more than my own. It is more automatic, does not require to run any scripts and is cross-platform. I still prefer explicit rating system as a feedback rather than playcount, because I switch away from some tracks before the end or come back after the finish. It is easy to modify the solution either way.

Of course without my post, he may not have been motivated to write his. Between us, I believe, we explain how to make iPodding easier.

So, is my script still useful? Probably not for its original purpose. But if you want to delete the old tracks or do any other complex processing, you may still find it helpful as a base.

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