Solr 5 puzzle: Magic date – answer

This is the answer and explanation to the Solr puzzle on what happens during indexing, using a date as an example. In this blog post, we will dig into the complex and fascinating details of what those three simple commands cause behind the scenes. So, let’s start from getting the server up and running. This example is based on Solr 5.5, though it should work in 6.0 the same. This starts the server.

Solr 5 puzzle: Magic date – answer (part 2)

(This is the final part of the explanation for the Solr puzzle that brings together schemaless mode, dates and other automagical parts of Solr. See the puzzle post for the setup and the 1st part of the answer for explanations of why 3 out of 5 answer choices were not valid) By now, we are facing a basic binary choice. In summary, given a schemaless configuration, we indexed a new field today with a value 2016-04-18, which got parsed as a date 2016-04-08T00:00:00Z.

Solr 5 puzzle: Magic Date

From the SolrStart newsletter issue #30: Given the following sequence of commands: Would the result be: Error in the command 1 for not providing a configuration directory Error in the command 2 for missing a uniqueKey field Error in the command 2 due to an incorrect date format No records in the command 3 output One record in the command 3 output For answer and detailed explanation, subscribe to the SolrStart newsletter.

Thermomix Café – a business idea

Thermomix is an (expensive) fancy machine that can do smoothies, risotto, chai, béchamel sauce, dough, baby food and many many other things. Often it reduces the amount of manual labor - and knowledge - required to make good dishes. Things like risotto instructions of “cook for 20 minutes; don’t let it boil; stir often” translates into a couple of button presses on Thermomix and a completion gong 20 minutes later. A person is free to do something else in between.

Thermomix is used in the kitchens of many restaurants. But I think it could also be used in a café as a visible part of the preparation. In fact, the visible part of the preparation could be part of the appeal and engagement.


Conversation with Bluehost

This blog - as of this writing - is on Bluehost. Which I do NOT recommend. Things fail periodically and tier one tech-support is not helpful in either identifying causes or deciding what to do about them. But today it took the cake - the whole server disappeared with 404 - empty web root. And not just for my account - my whole box. And not just my own box, but for multiple people frantically pinging Bluehost support with questions (including myself).